Munching Mongoose Team

We are a young company that believes in old-fashioned principles.


We believe that integrity and honesty are the roots to long lasting relationships and we believe that family is important. We are passionate about looking after you, your tummy and the environment – while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously!

We are a couple of friends who share the belief that doing good results in, well, good! By doing good in our business practices, we create an environment in which good will come to both us and our customers.This begins with how we live and eat, as well as the way that we interact with the world around us – people, plants, animals and communities!

The Munching Mongoose was born out of a simple idea – source and gather great food and make it convenient for others. It started with our immediate friends and family – our little mongaggle – and then grew! Maningi is our mongoose and the face of our little business. He runs around all day, constantly looking for new ways to please our customers and keep us healthy. Maningi means “plenty” in Shona, and we try to live up to his name – providing plenty of goodness, plenty of value and plenty of fun!

We want as many people as possible to join our mongaggle and take this healthy, happy journey with us – making the world a better place, one box at a time!

To register with us, please send an email to info@munchingmongoose.co.za or click the sign up button below:


Munching Mongoose Paw
Munching Mongoose Mango up clode
Munching Mongoose Bread super close
Munching Mongoose Lettuce 001