Hassle free and healthy – signing up with us is super easy!

  • First check our Delivery Map to see if you live or work within our delivery zones
  • Then click on the button below to sign-up (there are no contracts and you can opt-out / cancel at any time)


  • Choose a box or bag option
  • Follow the prompts and complete your details, including your address. Can’t find your suburb? We may have accidentally missed your postal code, or we don’t deliver there just yet. Please drop us a mail to confirm.
  • Complete your credit card details. Every week, we automatically process the cost of your bag or box, as well as any of our delicious add ons that you have chosen to enjoy. Please note, payment only goes off if you have scheduled a delivery for that week.
  • With your first order, we will require a small, fully-refundable deposit (R250) to cover your empty crate and glass bottles – just in case anything gets broken, damaged or lost. This cost will be charged to your credit card on sign-up.
  • You are now signed-up as a customer – Welcome to the Mongaggle!
  • Take a gander around the market, and perhaps you would like to include some add ons to your regular delivery. Delicious meat packs, dairy packs, and more! You can choose to add these as a once-off, or as recurring items with your regular delivery.
  • Every week, on a Monday, you will receive an email with the menu for that week. If you would like to make any changes*, you will have until Tuesday at 11am, that same week, to do so. However, no action is required of you, and if you’ve scheduled a delivery for that week, this email should serve as confirmation of that, and tell you what to expect in your bag or box for that week.
  • Now, you just carry on with your daily life
  • Receive your amazing box
  • Enjoy the goodness all week
  • Carry on with your daily life some more
  • Oh, wait, look! A week / fortnight / month later there is another delivery of scrumptious goodness!

Every delivery, we’ll swap your empty box/bag for full ones. We love our planet, and so we use packaging with a very small carbon footprint and re-use as much as possible – such as crates, bags and bottles – by swapping them each week when we deliver to you.

If you are wary of just signing up for a product you have never tried before, sign-up as usual (weekly order), and give us a try. If you still aren’t sold on our service, feel free to cancel your subscription (before the following Tuesday at 11am, when orders are confirmed), either on your profile, or just pop us an email. No cancellation fees, no worries. Just keep in mind, that if you only use our service once, we will charge a collection fee of R50 (which will come off your initial deposit) for your empty box and bottles.

If you have signed up, and you are going away or want to try a different box option, it’s all easy! You can pause your subscription or change your options, anytime before Tuesday at 11am, on your profile.

If you are unsure about anything or have any questions, don’t forget to check out our FAQ page, and don’t hesistate to drop us a mail at or give us a call on 076 315 5451.

*Please note: Every week, we design our boxes so that you get the best quality and value for what you spend. We also understand that flexibility is important. And so, every week, we give you the option to sub or change certain items in your box or bag, for different products of an equivalent or lower value. Please feel free to make use of this feature at your own discretion.

Also, all our products are subject to availability, and although we cannot guarantee the contents of your box or bag, we can guarantee the quality and value offered. Should a certain product no longer be available, we will always include an alternative of equal quality and value.

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Munching Mongoose Bread Sliced
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