Fresh, organic and more…
Bringing the market to your door.

Fresh food foraged for you!

Maningi the Mongoose is passionate about health and happiness. For you, your family and for the beautiful world we live in. All of us at The Munching Mongoose are focussed on improving the lives of others, through great experiences, high quality organic based and small scale artisan products, top notch service and good will. We offer a fresh approach to food, health, ideas and relationships and we would love you to join us on our journey!

We have an array of healthy, unique and delicious foods that we deliver right to your door on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Our products are sourced from local farmers and gastronomic artisans who use sustainable, ethical and organic-based principles right here in South Africa.

We all want to live more healthily, but we don’t all have the time we need to visit all the little markets and artisans out there – so let Maningi do it for you!

Mongooses are happy and healthy little animals that run around all day making sure they get a varied and wholesome diet! They forage and ferret and fuss until they know they’ve got the meal they want. We at the Munching Mongoose source great fresh food and deliver it right to you – no chemicals, no fuss, no worry!

Let us forage for you!


2016 winners of the

702 Sage One Small Business Awards!


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